My new bag finally came today! I am so excited. It will serve as a travel bag/camera bag when I am not traveling. It took only about a week to make and I could not be happier. Again, check out to see her adorable products. Now I want all the accessories to match!

Kroger or Giant Eagle?

Seems that everyone has an opinion on this one. My Giant Eagle is so conveniently close and I like their fuel points system better (and there are no Kroger gas stations anywhere near me!) But, their prices are a lot higher. Do you think that they jack up the prices and do the fuel points to make up for it? In other words, is it worth it?

Happy birthday everyone!

OK, so between February 14th and the 21st, I have 6 birthdays of my favorite ladies. Margie, Ann, Nikki, Brenda, Mom, and Heidi, love you and happy birthday!! Every year, I wonder what in the world happens 9 months before February. I have earth-shattering news today. I came home (a little bit later than usual, actually) and Sebastian has not eaten anything or left ANY "presents". This is a first since I went back to work in January after I got him! As many of you know, Seb is known for eating a variety of household goods: entire bags of marshmallows (twice!), a care package for needy Haitians (bar of soap, toothbrush, bandaids, etc.), MY NEW PURSE and it's contents, and the entire tub full of tupperware containers. So this is big.

Also in breaking news, I have finally decided on a bag for my new camera. I was obsessed with finding the perfect bag this weekend (surprise surprise). In the end, I found a fabulous, local artisan who makes these bags (camera, diaper, Kindle holders, DS holders, etc.). CHECK her out!!

2 more things...

I say "Just keep swimming...", of course, from Dori in Finding Nemo. It seems appropriate. Yes, life can get hard, yes work gets hard, and dogs destroy the house, and money runs out, but life goes on, right?

Second, I am adding pictures right now to my shutterfly page, which will be linked to the left. Most of you have seen the dogs (at least I don't put their pics in my wallet!) but there is a photo book from my summer vacations and some other pictures from this fall/winter.

My first blog!

This is my alternative to the ubiquitous Facebook! I figure I don't have to deal with friend requests and all the drama that comes with it. After using some of my tax return money to buy a new camera, I needed an outlet for all my pictures and things going on in my little life. It might get a little boring, but hopefully I can provide a laugh or at least keep you updated! By the way, this snow storm is probably the catalyst for creating a blog in the first place. In the past 7 days, I have actually had students in my classroom ONCE! Check out my snow day pictures as soon as I can figure out where to put them!
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