Happy birthday everyone!

OK, so between February 14th and the 21st, I have 6 birthdays of my favorite ladies. Margie, Ann, Nikki, Brenda, Mom, and Heidi, love you and happy birthday!! Every year, I wonder what in the world happens 9 months before February. I have earth-shattering news today. I came home (a little bit later than usual, actually) and Sebastian has not eaten anything or left ANY "presents". This is a first since I went back to work in January after I got him! As many of you know, Seb is known for eating a variety of household goods: entire bags of marshmallows (twice!), a care package for needy Haitians (bar of soap, toothbrush, bandaids, etc.), MY NEW PURSE and it's contents, and the entire tub full of tupperware containers. So this is big.

Also in breaking news, I have finally decided on a bag for my new camera. I was obsessed with finding the perfect bag this weekend (surprise surprise). In the end, I found a fabulous, local artisan who makes these bags (camera, diaper, Kindle holders, DS holders, etc.). CHECK her out!! http://www.elisalou.com/

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