28, really?

I don't want to be 28. This is a complex I have had for years, even resulting in mom and dad sending me to the guidance counselor to talk about my anxiety of growing up. 28 is way different from 8 though. Great.

I had a fun day though after I decided there was nothing I could do about getting older. It is worth noting that at age 28, many things are going well...I have the job I always wanted and I love it...I have a group of friends who love me unconditionally...Mom and Dad are STILL always there for me, coaching me through a horrific pork tenderloin experience to overnight hemming of bridesmaid dresses...at the end of the day, I have a NASCAR buddy who makes me laugh and surprises me every day...I have 2 dogs who consistently drive me to the brink of insanity but who can instantly make me smile and feel like I am a good "mom" of sorts...I had a year full of travels (flying by myself on a total of 16 flights this year!)...I have found a passion in yoga, as all those self-help gurus say is the most important thing in life (although my "passion" has put me in Urgent Care and uses my former clothing budget, I really love it)....

It was a gorgeous day on 3/31 ("gorgeous" rarely describing Ohio spring weather!), starting off with a delivered Tim Horton's breakfast and laying around! Then, I headed out to Sunbury for a little lunch party with Jill&Eli, Kenz&Taegan, and Alyson & Kaelyn. I always look forward to Jill's cooking, and I was not disappointed. Cupcakes (the other passion of mine, which is the antithesis of the passion listed above) from Pink Moon bakery were provided and immediately devoured. My favorite part was Taegan seeing her "Princess" cupcake and saying "Oh Boy!") and rubbing her hands together like a cartoon character. All of my friends are so lucky to have friendly, polite kids. Really...I am telling you from experience...you are lucky:o) I had a fabulous dinner at Spagio, which I chose solely for the lobster ravioli. The men in my life did not take as kindly to the menu (Dad: "What the hell is a ni-cozy salad (Nicoise)?"), but everyone found something they liked. Matt bought a Golden Delight strawberry cream cake which I LOVE, and that was dessert!

Thanks so much for your texts and calls throughout the day. I always look forward to hearing from you guys, and it was fun to her from all of you on one day. Even my dentist texted and called...and offered $50 off whitening. Now...it's off to see Modern Family, which happens to be the "Phil's Birthday" episode. Yesssssss.

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