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Last week when I had my little traffic stop fiasco, I forgot to mention what I bought at Easton. Now that they are unpacked and in the cabinet, I am thoroughly enjoying my thrifty and cute purchases!  If you need classic white dishes, check out Crate and Barrel.  I did not need a whole set, so I was able to buy just the pieces I wanted (dinner plates and small bowls) by the piece. They were 3-4 bucks each, so I walked out with 8 dishes for about $30. And I had a 10% coupon, so that helped too. I like them a lot and will probably slowly switch over to those as I need to replace my old set.

In other news?  Nothing, really.  I had a job interview that went really well the other day. The only bad part is that it was the first of three interviews! By the time I get the summer job, summer will be over!

I am reading a great book right now, On the corner of bitter and sweet. It is the perfect balance of historical fiction (set in Seattle during WW2 during the Japanese internment) without being brain-busting:)  It is an enjoyable read that I find myself picking up instead of the TV remote, which speaks for itself:


At this particular moment, I wish I was in South Africa for the World Cup!  Let me back up by saying that I did not grow up playing soccer, have never been to a soccer game of any kind, nor have I ever watched it on TV. Until last week. I am an Olympics junkie, for sure....something about the nations coming together and all the hype. MINUS the attitudes and flashiness of the American pro athletes.

I am so SO proud of our team this morning!  Playing Algeria, we had a beautiful, easy goal that was taken away from us with a crazy off-sides call (apparently....I don't know what off-sides rally means). For the next 80 or so minutes, the guys kept at it. The Algerians played dirty and we had more than a few questionable calls on us, but they never gave up. I guess soccer ends at 90 minutes, but they add extra time if there were injuries, etc. In the 91st minute, instead of being beaten down (I felt beaten down and I wasn't even playing!), they scored and won!  Not only won the game, but this single goal lifted them to the top of the group. This is a first since 1930. Needless to say, the dogs now think I am insane, probably the neighbors too. I got a little "into it'.

The commentator said that if this was your first time watching World Cup soccer, it has been a good introduction and you'll be hooked. Anyone up for a Crew game? ;o)

My lucky day

So, yesterday after I met up with Jill and Alyson at Easton to admire their darling children and catch up for a bit, I had about 5 minutes of EXTREME excitement. On my way home, there is a stretch of highway (670) that gradually fades into 33 (NOT a highway). Thus, the speed limit drops from 65 to 45 more rapidly than someone like me can sometimes handle. Especially when Ke$ha is on the radio. Well, as I round the corner on 33, there she is. One of UA's finest, sitting in the ODNR driveway, looking right at me. I quickly go down to 45 mph but know that I have been spotted. A stream of expletives and self-loathing occur as I see her pull out behind me.

But, she doesn't immediately stop me. She just follows from a distance, relieving me, then suddenly flicking on the lights as I am relaxing. Great. I got a ticket on this same road in October and was caught by a nasty red light camera in January. I don't need this, and hate myself. Stay calm. Do not never works. I have everything ready for her as she comes up to the window and calmly says "Good afternoon, I'm stopping you for speeding". I say, "I know, I was still going the speed of 670, I'm sorry". As I am handing her my information, my eye catches something on my insurance card...

"Good through June 8, 2010". Holy crap.

So, while she is running my information in the cruiser, I am sitting there running through all the scenarios, furious that State Farm has not sent me a new card. I had no idea that it had expired!  Then I see her walking back, and from quite a distance I can see that red and white insurance card in her hand. Here it comes...

"I'm going to give you a warning today, Stacie. If I cite you today, you would go to jail because this insurance card is a week expired. Drive safely."

I practically jump out of the car and serenade her with my adoration. She just saved my ass. In all my years of driving, I have gotten the world's worst tickets. I have gotten $120 tickets for going 34 in a 25. Now, I am speeding AND my insurance has lapsed and she has mercy on me!! I can't believe it. So, Miss UA policewoman, thank you for your mercy today. I don't think going to jail wold have looked good on my resume.

In other news...

So enough about the house and my need to transform it for a while. What else is going on?  Well, for starters, SEbastian is now a murderer. Well, ok, he didn't mean to, so maybe it was birdslaughter. Last Sunday morning, I let him outside and went back to lay down (it was 7 am!) A while later, I went to check on him and he was, of course, gone. Surrounding the hole that he dug under the fence were feathers. Feathers EVERYWHERE. A running neighbor and I searched up and down the street and I finally saw him laying low (so I wouldn't find him and snatch his treasure) on the neighbors' driveway. When he got up to greet me, I saw wings coming out of both side of his mouth. Gross. And it was still living. As I got closer, I realized I was going to have to get it out of his mouth because it was like a kid with a giant lollipop. Somehow, magically, he dropped it and it laid there too stunned to move. He was unwilling to move away from it, however, so I ended up carrying my 26 pound dog down the street. What a sight.  I went back to check on the bird and it was gone. There is no way that it lived though, after being in the jaws of my little monster!

Speaking of him, I took the dogs for their first walk in their new neighborhood. Thus far, the jungle of a backyard has been entertainment enough for them. In our 10 minute walk (that was all I could handle after you read what happened...), here is what we encountered:
1. A Saint Bernard going bonkers at the sight of us, jumping at the windows of his house, running from window to window until he finally smashed out the front window and I awkwardly skittered off (do I say sorry? I didn't know what to do!)
2. As we turn the corner from this, I see a person in the distance and already dread what is coming. Everyone always wants to pet Zoe, who hates nothing more than this. It always leads to an uncomfortable situation. As I get closer, I see that it is a barefoot woman, smoking and drinking a Mello Yello. I didn't realize Mello Yello still exists. Upon her first words, it is obvious that she is french: "Ohhh zee little one! She is zo cute!  I have zee pomer-hainian in the zee window. Zee?" And there is a yapping pomeranian, indeed, doing somersaults over the top of her sofa in the window. I try to move on as fast as I can.
3. As we turn the NEXT corner, I feel that someone is following us. We don't have sidewalks, so you are pretty close to the cars. I can feel a car slowing down beside me and I hear "Look who it is!"  It is the elderly couple from next door. They proceed to drive at my (walking) speed next to me, chatting with me until I finally reach my driveway. In the conversation, we discussed that, yes, for the 3rd time, my dogs are spayed and neutered, and yes, it is a "good thing they are".
Needless to say, the next "walk" will be back to Wheeler park, where I can sit at a picnic table and watch the dogs do their thing.

On another note, I love this time of year when I am just getting out of school and get to catch up with my best friends. It happens during winter, spring, and best of all, summer break. Yesterday, I met up with Daisy at Ruby Tuesdays. Today, Julie and I went to Northstar Cafe in the Short North. It had always come highly recommended (especially from a blog I follow (see the link on the left for Breakfast with Nick). It was a really minimalist, contemporary design with a simple menu. I couldn't decide between the ricotta pancakes and the ham and cheese scone. The cashier was nice enough to let me in on a little secret: the scones are so delicious that they routinely run out of them before 10:00. Well, at 10:15, I bought the last one. I wasn't sorry. And since I made such a fuss over it being my first time and I wanted to try everything, he sent over a plate of pancakes for us to try!  What fabulous service (my favorite quality in any store). I also had a strawberry smoothie. Not the cheapest breakfast I ever had (9.54 for the scone and smoothie) but it was worth it!  We hit up a few of my favorite stores down there, like Undone and Lulu, picking up a summer getup with my Lulu gift card.

Last....I still don't have a summer job. I don't know why I thought it would be easy. It is not. I have had a few failed attempts, and at this point, is it worth getting a job for 6 weeks?  Any more suggestions?
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