Need dishes?

Last week when I had my little traffic stop fiasco, I forgot to mention what I bought at Easton. Now that they are unpacked and in the cabinet, I am thoroughly enjoying my thrifty and cute purchases!  If you need classic white dishes, check out Crate and Barrel.  I did not need a whole set, so I was able to buy just the pieces I wanted (dinner plates and small bowls) by the piece. They were 3-4 bucks each, so I walked out with 8 dishes for about $30. And I had a 10% coupon, so that helped too. I like them a lot and will probably slowly switch over to those as I need to replace my old set.

In other news?  Nothing, really.  I had a job interview that went really well the other day. The only bad part is that it was the first of three interviews! By the time I get the summer job, summer will be over!

I am reading a great book right now, On the corner of bitter and sweet. It is the perfect balance of historical fiction (set in Seattle during WW2 during the Japanese internment) without being brain-busting:)  It is an enjoyable read that I find myself picking up instead of the TV remote, which speaks for itself:

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