At this particular moment, I wish I was in South Africa for the World Cup!  Let me back up by saying that I did not grow up playing soccer, have never been to a soccer game of any kind, nor have I ever watched it on TV. Until last week. I am an Olympics junkie, for sure....something about the nations coming together and all the hype. MINUS the attitudes and flashiness of the American pro athletes.

I am so SO proud of our team this morning!  Playing Algeria, we had a beautiful, easy goal that was taken away from us with a crazy off-sides call (apparently....I don't know what off-sides rally means). For the next 80 or so minutes, the guys kept at it. The Algerians played dirty and we had more than a few questionable calls on us, but they never gave up. I guess soccer ends at 90 minutes, but they add extra time if there were injuries, etc. In the 91st minute, instead of being beaten down (I felt beaten down and I wasn't even playing!), they scored and won!  Not only won the game, but this single goal lifted them to the top of the group. This is a first since 1930. Needless to say, the dogs now think I am insane, probably the neighbors too. I got a little "into it'.

The commentator said that if this was your first time watching World Cup soccer, it has been a good introduction and you'll be hooked. Anyone up for a Crew game? ;o)

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