Part 1: My Columbus in pictures...

Having lived in Columbus my entire life, there are certain places I have always liked looking at or places that are meaningful for me. Some go wayyyy back, and some are new faves!  To start this little roadtrip, I drove back to my childhood home, got irritated that they painted it (how dare they!?) and drove off. Do you have any experiences in these places?

Any guesses where this is?!  It is at the entrance of my old neighborhood at SAWMILL and W.Case!  In the middle of one of the busiest streets, can you believe that a farm still exists?  I was always thankful that Ohio State has all this property for their animals, even when I could hear sheep on a quiet night or smell the pigs on a humid August day.

If you guessed Riverside Drive, just after Henderson Rd, you got it. For years, I have loved driving this stretch because there is water on both sides. That sounds ridiculous as that happens every time you cross a bridge. But this is different. You are driving beSIDE the river then all of a sudden you are surrounded. I am not kidding when I admit that part of the reason I bought my place was to enjoy this drive every day! Especially beautiful when it is foggy!

Man, do I miss Grandview!  Driving down 5th Ave. and seeing this sign, I always smile. There are no other signs like that in Columbus. It is big, tacky, and lights up red at night. Matt and I had our first dinner together here, and I laugh when I think about what has happened in there:  Typically, you are the only "party" at the restaurant; the one man who is always working has a perpetual smile; this same gentleman will ask you "why you not finish the napa (its a kind of lettuce)" is his favorite part of Sweet & Sour Chicken; and we once heard this same man ask a child "Are you boy or girl?" Note: Zoe jumped out of the car onto 5th Ave as I was being a negligent mother with the door open behind me.

Northbank Park. So cool!  Now we can "ooh and ahh" over our skyline without having to BE in downtown. If there is ever a major "life event" where I might need a "venue", this is where I would want it. Wink, wink.

Hmm, thought you would be able to see that sign. If you aren't a Columbusonian (ha!), this is the Short North. My faaaavorite part of town. Just north of downtown, there are blocks and blocks of INDEPENDENT stores and restaurants to love. My favorites?  On Paper, Lululemon (hello, my name is Stacie, and I am a Lulu addict), Betty's, Northstar Cafe, and Undone. If you ever spend time in Columbus, this is a must. PS- A meter maid showed up as I was snapping this photo. Since I didn't pay to park for 14 seconds, he warned "Move along, maam". Maam. Hmph.

So, there you go. Part 1 of my favorite parts of my city.

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