Summer employment: better late than never!

Well, after months of thinking "I've got this...", "how could they not hire me?", I finally did get a summer job. And yes, I realize that I have less than a month until I go back to school, but I am being stubborn. I wanted to find a job, and I did! I plan to keep it through the school year, working very part time to earn a little extra cash. What to do with said cash???

  • Pay off one credit card completely?
  • save for a new fridge?
  • use it as "padding" in the checking account for day-to-day expenses?
I am not sure yet. But I do know that I have mixed emotions about taking on a second job.  It will being in some much-needed green, but I will be away one night a week from Matt and the pups. I am afraid that he will get stuck working late the night I will be scheduled to work and the dogs will be cooped up too long. I am worried that I will have to choose one day to stay after school (my career and number one priority) and will  feel awful about it. I am excited for salon discounts and to work with what seems to be a friendly and kind group of people. We shall see what tomorrow holds (my first day on the job!)....

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