To market, to market, to buy a fat pig...

I have been trying to find ways to stay busy during the summer. My ideal "day out" would include:
1. Spending less than $20
2. Being outside
3. Contributing to the community

Now, the dog park hits all those (hey, Sebastian "contributes" to the dog park by being the friendliest pooch out there!) but the local Farmers Markets have also caught my attention.

Upper Arlington:  My friend Shannon and I went to the UA market, in old UA on Wednesday. It runs every Wednesday from 3:30-5:30. This was a good way to get acquainted with the feel of a market and know what to expect. I bought some amazing black raspberry jam, great cucumbers, and the best cookie of my entire life. It was a shady market, close to air conditioned stores (very cute, high-end boutiques). 

***I feel that the cookie was so special that it deserves its own aside. It is, in fact, already listed on my Best of Columbus page:o)  This incredible piece of bakery goodness came from Sweet Scetti, a home bakery right in UA. It was a CHOCOLATE PRETZEL cookie (ladies, does it get any better?) and I liked it so much that I followed Sweet Scetti to Clintonville today....)

Clintonville:  Mom, dad, and I headed a little further across town to Clintonville's market. We were lucky to easily find parking (once mom was able to parallel park with dad breathing down her neck!)  This market was much bigger, but with less shade. There was a great overhang where we were able to drop dad off and he could sit and people watch with a Coke (his idea of a great day:o)  Within an hour, I had loaded my bag with sweet corn, zucchini (for Jill's chocolate chip zucchini muffins!), peppers, pulled pork, ranch cheese cubes (heaven), more cucumbers, and of course....Sweet Scetti cookies!  This time, we are trying the white chocolate blueberry cookie, cinnamon praline, and of course more chocolate pretzel cookies!  Mom and dad got Trail Mix and Honey Cherry Pecan and loved them.  All of that for less than $20. I like knowing where my food came from and that they just picked/baked/smoked it without having to preserve it. 

So, there you have it...a new favorite activity. If you ever want to join me on a Saturday morning, let me know!

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