Nature? Hi...let's keep a safe distance

Well, I keep telling people how much I love looking at all the wildlife surrounding my house. It's not that we live in the woods or anything, but with very old, established get some interesting sightings. I guess we are close enough to the river that some creatures make their way up the road as well. Well, a few weeks ago, I went nuts when I saw this:

I heard a screech like the screech at the beginning of Steven Colbert's show. I went running out at 7 am in my Sloppy Joe's tee shirt and high school lacrosse shorts. This was not an eagle, as I somehow imagined, but an enormous hawk. If I had a zoom lens for this camera, you'd believe me that it was big. Speaking of big....

Ummm yeah. This was so gigantic that it caught my eye. Spiders do not catch your eye...they should blend into their surroundings!  So, you know this sucker was big. I am pretty sure that it is the spider that bit Peter Parker and made him Spiderman. And, what is it doing?!  Needlepoint?

My Furry Children, Part 2

Well, it took me a long time to get Zoe's up, but we will blame that on my first week of school and not bad dog-parenting:o)

Princess...photogenic subject...back-warmer...protector of the "kingdom"...
intimidator of all strange first baby...walking enthusiast...laundry basket-lover...
sharer (sometimes stealer) of the heart

My furry children, Part 1


bird-dog (twice!)...bed snatcher (see the peanut butter?)...cuddler...lap dog...TV watcher...destoyer of many things (see old posts)...escapee...entertainer to the (still hurts though!) park celebrity...laundry basket sleeper...Zoe admirer...annoying "little brother"...alarm clock...dishwasher...yogurt cup (and scream) inducer...amazing fetcher...drooler extraordinaire

Banned words

Somewhere this morning, I heard a reference to "words that should be banned". I decided to make my own lists of words that I would like removed from the English language.  Now, I am a pretty calm and kind person, but have noticed that some words I hear/read make me want to scream. If you have said any of these to me, don't be offended because I assure you that I don't remember YOU saying it...I have just heard it so many times I can't stand it!

  • "Frugalista/fashionista", etc. Enough with "ista"! As much as I love Target, not a fan of this
  • "Wrap my head/brain around it". Just say "I don't understand!"
  • "Preggers". Ugggggggggggghhhh. There are whole websites dedicated to hating this word.
  • "With the economy the way it is", etc. I guess I'm just sick of hearing this one.
  • "Look..." (to begin a sentence) Politicians LOVE to use this one when answering questions.
  • "I know, right?"  You sound like an idiot. Here is confirmation.
  • "LOL" Used by many of my favorite people in the world...would we use it in person? It's just a strange one to me because its like the person is speaking in third person. I'd much rather hear this
  • "Just sayin'"  Anything that emulates the cast of Jersey Shore while actually being serious is a mistake. You "just said" it...I get it. Character-building
Let's start with those. What are your terror-inducing words?

Drawing to an end...really?!

I am looking at my trusty wipe-off calendar and am counting 10 days left of my summer vacation. Now, mind you, I really didn't do anything earth-shattering this summer, was not able to go on a vacation, and was bored to tears more then once. But, there are some things I will miss for sure about good old summer break....

  1. Sleeping in with Thing 1 and Thing 2, complete with our "family" on morning TV. We wake up with the GMA crew and then when that ends at 9, we switch over to the Today show. All the while, I have my office set up in bed with my phone and laptop, checking up on the latest articles and emailing back and forth with Jill and my mom.
  2. Grilling out!  It's not that the grill has to be put away as soon as I step into the classroom, but it's just not the same. Everything we made this summer was good (uh, except my attempt at a "fabulous" grilled peach dessert I saw on TV). I am lucky to have a good grill-master, because I am clueless when it comes to grilling...

Summer fruit. Ohhhh man, this watermelon is so sweet that it tastes like candy!  I don't want it to go out of season...:o(

Flowers...oh how I love flowers. Especially perennials, which I do not have to care for whatsoever. They just magically appear and take care of themselves. This summer, it was so much fun to see what was planted in the new yard. I was so excited when the lilac, rose of sharon, and roses bloomed. All I was missing were my obsession: hydrangeas!  Miss Jill was so kind to let me take a few home yesterday and I wish I could shellac them or somehow keep them from ever dying. Gorgeous...

Catching up with friends and family at lunch or breakfast. Right now, I have the freedom to drive up to Galena and relax, drive to German Village and stroll, or meet dad for a birthday lunch. On Mondays, Matt and I run errands and get to do weekend-things during the week (no crowds! no rush!) Come September, kiss that all goodbye. 
But it is worth it. I love my job and am blessed to have it. I can't wait to meet my new kiddos and their families. Here's to the last 10 days of summer!

Things that made me happy in the last 24 hours....

1. Thinking about my dad turning 85 years old and being able to take him out to lunch yesterday to celebrate!
2. Seeing baby Audrey and Mama Jill. You are adjusting so well, my friend, and I hope I can grow up to be like you one day:o)
3. Being able to say goodbye to Carl (next door neighbor) yesterday at his visitation. Carl was very well-known in the Columbus broadcast and academic world and was a kind, smart man. He helped us settle into the new neighborhood (since he built his house himself in 1950!) He will be missed, but it was clear to see that he was very loved yesterday.
4. Going to breakfast with my breakfast partner, Julie. We have decided to make it official. Once a month, we are breakfasting in a new place together. This morning, we had a great CHEAP breakfast at the German Village Coffee House (aka: Das Kaffe Haus). For $8, I had a huge, delicious ham&cheese omelette, 2 pieces of toast, 2 pieces of french toast, and a giant OJ. The place is tiny and cozy, and I can see how the immediate locals would regularly go there instead of making breakfast at home!
5. Realizing that my favorite cupcake place has a location NEXT DOOR to the coffee house! I've already mentioned Bakery Gingham on my "Best of Columbus" page.  Though the Short North location is more convenient for me, the GV location is a must-see. If I ever have a daughter, I will base her nursery off this bakery because it is the most fun interior I have ever seen...

Picture from Check out that ceiling!

And here are the treats I brought home...

Grim Raspberry and Oreo Sandwiched...and of course, 2 pupcakes, which were immediately devoured:

Then they both ran off with their treasures into the bedroom to eat them in peace. They are so weird...
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