Our new addition

Well, it's official...we may have to start charging admission around here. On Monday, Matt and his dad & brother went golfing at Eagle Creek (a few hours away). Before they loaded up the golf cart, one of them noticed this little guy curled up behind the tire. On his way home, he texted me, "I'm bringing you a present". I thought maybe it was one of the famous popcorn balls he talks about from that area, or something silly. When he walked in with a living creature, I was pretty surprised!  His name is Eagle (Matt's golf dream:o), and he is a great little kitty. We are calling Eagle a "he", and did our best google image search to determine if it is a "he"...it is really hard to tell with cats!!  Anyway, Sebastian is obsessed with him and refuses to leave him alone, but we are sure Eagle will start defending himself soon and Seb will get the hint. We are guessing he is about 10 weeks old, but really we have no idea. I wish cats had rings like trees do!

Curing a dry spell with happy things

Since I started back to school, most of my thoughts have been drifting to school and the extremely challenging year I will have ahead of me. I haven't really had a lot to write about on this blog until today. On my way home, I stopped and got a McDonald's smoothie, and it all started from there...

Things that make me happy (and might make you happy too if you give them a try!)

  • The new McDonald's smoothies. I was skeptical, but may get another one within 24 hours.
  • Honeycrisp apples. I "like" apples. I really like apples in things like pies and cobblers but really just eat raw ones because I feel like I have to. However, when it is Honeycrisp season, that all changes. Crisp, crunchy, sweet, a little tart, juicy, perfect.
  • Ke$ha's new song!  Reminds me of being in New Orleans last year and what we probably should have done instead of being so scared after the infamous purse-snatching! Who needs water in the pool anyway?
  • Noodles & Co.  I plan on the beef stroganoff with broccoli for dinner tonight. Just in case you were wondering. 
  •  Today's Big Thing. I have a bad habit of wasting LOTS of time on this website. And then making Matt watch my favorites, which never amuse them as much as I hope!  The homepage shows "today's" big thing, but there is an archive of hilarious videos. 
Well, that's a start...hope some of them brightened your day or made you hungry/want to paint yourself.
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