Recent Adventures?

It seems like everything recently has been about the baby, but life has continued outside of that little realm. I just got back from the *new* Giant Eagle Market District that opened up right outside my neighborhood. That sounds unattractive, and like something you wouldn't want outside of your 'hood, but they used an existing shopping center which I LOVE.

Anyway, guess who was there to open the place?!  The man himself, Adam Richman from Man vs. Food. He was doing a food demo on salmon burgers with a fried green tomato and dill mayonnaise. Hello!!! He was just as funny in person as he is on TV, and he looked great in his scarlet and gray. My foodie friend, Julie, and I were hoping to get up close for some photo ops (and we are actual fans!) but there were about 60 rows of boring duds in front of us. We would have been way more fun to have in the front road. And i would have gotten to sample some of that heaven (the food, not Adam, ha!)

Speaking of food, there were a million samples. Strange things like "My dadz nutz" (which were disturbingly delicious) and popcorn that comes out as a crispy tortilla-type thing you can SPREAD NUTELLA on. OK, I am getting carried away.

Plans this weekend? Well, to recover from my 2 day farm trip with the kindergartners (which was amazing, thanks to Stratford Ecological Center), I have a day off tomorrow!), I am headed up to Jill's to see her sweet babies and maybe make something in the kitchen if I am lucky. I'll let you know if we come up with something interesting...

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