How you doin'?

I know, I know. I have spent a LOT of time on my other blog lately. But shall we get an update on life in general?

Most of the day, my life revolves around my students and tasks at school. They have really come a long way since September and every day, they find a way to make me smile or make me proud.  My "friends" who wrote single, capital letters to represent a word a few months ago are now stringing together lowercase letters to make words!  Real words! Without crying (most of the time).  It is a good day when you don't have to relay a "naughty" note to a parent, send someone to the Principal's office, or have everyone put their heads down with the lights out. Today was a good day. When you are told "I love you" a few times a day and hugged around the waist and butt repeatedly, how could it be a bad day??

Things at home are typically calmer. In a way. I am in my own place, with the comforts of food, TV, and privacy. But the three rings circus awaits with our three animals. The above paragraph took me 20 minutes to type, because the kitten kept attacking my hands. When I say "attack", I am not exaggerating. I believe his intent is to render my typing hands lifeless. And in the process, I end up with microscopic slices (like paper cuts) that hurt like a bitch.  When he is not hand-attacking at the laptop, he is a pretty cuddly guy.

Sebastian has taken to sleeping in our bed routinely, which I absolutely hate. I hate it so much that I am contemplating asking Matt to give me nothing for Christmas but Sebastian in his freaking cage. Every night it is a battle: "Why can't he sleep in the bed?" "Because I can't sleep with him in the bed". He moves around, he is hot, and he takes up 1/3 of the bed. With my growing belly, I need that 1/3 and I need my sleep. It is really getting old and I am not sure how else to plead my case. He has also taken to barking (loudly) at everything outside. Also getting old. Besides those 2 things, he is goofy and lovable.

And Zoe? Zoe is my easy child who wets the bed. Literally, she has been peeing in our bed while we are in the living room at night. If we forget to close the door, it is certain that there will be a big, warm pee stain on Matt's side. Maybe she is telling him that Sebastian shouldn't sleep in the damn bed.

And life with Baby O?  Great!  I am starting to receive those unsolicited pieces of advice and it is only a matter of time before I have to tell the parents of my students. I a little worried about that part because they all know that I am not married. I am a progressive girl, but by no means does that mean that everyone will accept the fact that their child's kindergarten teacher is an unwed mother. Hell, my own father won't accept it!  When they all come in for the holiday party, it will be hard to hide at 24 weeks!  Next week, we find out the gender of the baby, and then it is game ON. I am refining the registry, picking out bedding, making my baby book with mom, and doing all those things I have been dying to do.

Yoga has taken a back seat, which I hate to say. It made me feel good, completely changed my body, and cleared my mind. However, the last time I went to get "centered", around 6 weeks, I looked like a blindfolded drunk. I was super dizzy. And, I'll admit, a little scared. I have been scared of overexerting myself and practicing hot yoga is definitely exerting.  I also need to save some cash, and that was one thing that got the ax. Dear yoga goddesses, I'll be back.

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