It's a....

Healthy baby girl!  We had an amazing ultrasound, courtesy of a Coffee Toffee twisted frosty. Little Girl was VERY active, and we got awesome shots of her spine moving, her beautiful 4-chambered heart, her "perfect" skull (as the doc said), and generous spread eagle shot to confirm that she is a little girl:o)

I am so excited and it really feels more real now. Not that it didn't before, but I am just the type of person who really needs to know these things to get a complete understanding I guess.

We will go back for another ultrasound on 1/13 to make sure that my placenta has moved, because it is currently "anterior". That means it is covering the baby in the front (my belly) instead of on the top (by my ribs). It needs to scooch out of the way and definitely not go to the bottom. That also means when Little Bit (that is her new name, I think) kicks and moves, she is bumping the placenta, so it will be a while before I feel anything myself.

All in all, a fabulous appointment with a doctor I love. Matt asked good questions, too! More details on my "baby talk" tab.

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