Daddy is losing his room, one corner at a time!

A few short months ago, you would have seen some of the following things in our second bedroom...
I have no idea what kind of guitars are in there, but one is red.

This is Zoe's favorite chair. Did I mention both of Matt's teams have ORANGE as their team color? Subtle.

OK, I will admit that I bought this for him at a bookfair at school and love that he actually hung it up on a wall.

Now, my intention is showing you these items is not to belittle the father of my child's taste in decor. But simply to show how times are a changin'!  In the last 2 months, we have gotten Baby O's crib, her bedding, and settled on a paint color. And last night, he put the glider together, so that will replace some masculine item in the room. Slowly, the "mancave" is turning into our daughter's nursery. It is probably hard for him to pack up all of his things and find new homes for them, but he has been a great sport.

Here is our progress thus far...
The Hayley bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. Love how Grandma O. made the owl "sit like a lady"

The bedding with the paint choices. We went with the yellow (Benjamin Moore Moonlight) and will pull in accents of pink and green. I wanted bedding with many colors so that I could easily accessorize without worrying if it will match perfectly.

This is just a shot of the room from the doorway. On my right is her big huge armoire that reminds me of this guy. On my left is the wall that will have the dresser (that doubles as the changing table) and the glider.
So that's it for now!  I stay awake dreaming of how to display her name and how everything will start coming together, but I need to take it slow and don't want to push Matt completely out of the room.
**UPDATE: Check here to see the finished nursery, along with a complete source list**

Bedrest= discovering a new show

Don't panic..this "bedrest" is self-imposed. Today I had a lot of time on my hands. Ever since I got home from school yesterday, I have not felt good. Granted, I did a flash mob dance (you'll see our staff on Youtube someday, I'm sure:o), had 2 class parties, and stupidly lifted an uncooperative child off the floor. But still, I started feeling those old cramps that I felt months ago. I started to worry, had no appetite, and was in a terrible mood. This morning, I woke up and it was the first thing I felt. Ugh. So, I called the doctor, and the sweet nurse I always talk to was there for me. She said to definitely monitor for backache, decreased fetal movement, and pain increase. And she told me to drink a TON of water and lay down for the day. I can do that. Since talking to her at 10 am, I have been on the couch, only to get up every hour and drink a glass of water. It is working! And in the process, back to the title of this post...

The name of the show caught my eye. I have a "thing" for cupcakes. As in...that is the only requirement wherever I travel. I could miss seeing the major sites and it could rain the entire vacation, but I will find the city's best cupcakery. So, Cupcake Girls. First, it is about 2 powerful women (best friends) who have opened a chain of bakeries in Western Canada. They are very likable because they are not perfect at all, and they don't pretend to be. Right now, they are in "couples therapy". Even if you don't like cupcakes or think that is a stupid premise, the human interest part of the show is what has had me hooked for 4 hours. I have watched Lori go through IVF heartbreaks and triumphs, Heather's mom is honestly facing a cancer diagnosis, the managers went on a team-building camping trip, and the every day challenges of a small business are pretty interesting.

If you are looking for a 30 minute show to get hooked on, DVR Cupcake Girls on We! I'm thinking a trip to Bakery Gingham is in order this week. Baby needs a cupcake.

From our house to yours...

This was our Christmas card this year, made at Shutterfly for about $15. I am so happy with it!

Now for the funny story of my day. This morning, I saw that I had a voicemail. It was from late last night, and luckily I had the phone silenced (or I would not have recorded proof of this amazing phone call).It had made me laugh about 11 times today, and his good mood is kind of contagious! Wonder what he will think when he realizes he had the wrong number. By the way, it was a 270 area code: Kentucky.

Eggnog and Coors-infused laughter...
Ho Ho Ho! Look out for that deer!
Hey buuu, its yer brother
So wanna live forever?
Kinda like ya a lil bit
Merry Christmas
Later boy!

Ode to the perfect skivvies

For years, I have been devoted to Victoria's secret cotton lowrise bikinis. They are always 5 for $25, I can load up on them during the Semi-annual sale (coming up in January!), and they last for years. Well, imagine my horror when I went to replace some (casualties caused by Sebastian), and they stopped producing them. I aimlessly walked around, wondering if I needed hot pink Santa lingerie (no) or a rhinestone bra (not really).
The table of the brightly colored lace panties caught my eye. Lace, I have noticed, is much more comfortable (especially with a growing body) than an elastic band. And it lays so close to your skin that there are no lines. Yahoo! I decided to give them a try.  Apparently, the word "lowrise" has been replaced by "hipster". So, if you want to make sure you aren't showing your beautiful new purchase, you'll want to make sure you get hipsters. I have worn them the last two days and they are what I appreciate about a good "pair of shorts", as my dad would call them. I don't notice them at all, don't see them, and then am surprised, like a nitwit, to see the pretty, fruity colors when it is appropriate!  If you need a new pair of shorts, give them a try...

It's good to set goals, right?

OK, after a LONG day of being in a meeting instead of with my kids (I missed them even though they have been bonkers this week!), I needed to make a list. Because that is what neurotic people do to calm down, myself...whatever you may call it. My list today is about goals I have before Baby O's due date...
1. Get Eagle declawed. He is ridiculous.
2. Read at least two books. I have been too tired to read, but I miss it!
3. Eat better! I need to add at least one fruit and vegetable each day and that would be a step.
4. Organize/pare down the crap in the basement. I feel like I have done this several times but it never gets better.
5. Clean out my car so she doesn't have to sit next to a box of picture books, a humidifier tank, and all the other odds and ends in the back seat.
6. Figure out some storage solutions: a) Baby needs a cabinet in the kitchen b) She needs a space in the bathroom for all her bath stuff, and c) Where will all Matt's stuff go from "his" room?!
7. Get all of my paperwork set for the renewal of my teaching certification and IPDP, both expiring in June!
8. Keep up with the baby book I put together (check the Baby Talk tab)

That's all I can think of right now. How about other mamas...what are some things I am forgetting?

Images that make me happy

It's starting to get a little stressful around here. "Around here" meaning anywhere that I happen to be, I guess. School, the roads, home, pretty much everywhere is starting to get that "I am being pulled in all directions and something has to give" feeling. So, tonight, after almost LOSING it when the cat clawed Bastian's ear and actually caused a blood-splatter pattern all over the carpet, sheets, curtains, and mattress of the bedroom, I took 3 minutes to do something I love. I took pictures of things around me that make me happy. Sounds weird, but I have found that taking and posting my simple pictures makes me very complacent. So, here are some sights of the holidays around our home...

The mantel, ready for 6. I wish they all pointed the same direction, but that's OK.

Our little tree. Hey, it's no 7.5 Douglas Fir, but it works. I actually have had it since I was a teenager and enjoy decorating it just as much as a big tree. Plus, with this cat, this is our only chance.

The first gift. This little box reminds me of "the first gift" in Polar Express. Check out what's inside...

Baby O's first hat, knitting by Nana. It is so soft and I am fascinated by how the colors change as it goes to the top...these knitting things confuse and amaze me.

Our first ornament, sent by Kristy. Hee hee!
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