Daddy is losing his room, one corner at a time!

A few short months ago, you would have seen some of the following things in our second bedroom...
I have no idea what kind of guitars are in there, but one is red.

This is Zoe's favorite chair. Did I mention both of Matt's teams have ORANGE as their team color? Subtle.

OK, I will admit that I bought this for him at a bookfair at school and love that he actually hung it up on a wall.

Now, my intention is showing you these items is not to belittle the father of my child's taste in decor. But simply to show how times are a changin'!  In the last 2 months, we have gotten Baby O's crib, her bedding, and settled on a paint color. And last night, he put the glider together, so that will replace some masculine item in the room. Slowly, the "mancave" is turning into our daughter's nursery. It is probably hard for him to pack up all of his things and find new homes for them, but he has been a great sport.

Here is our progress thus far...
The Hayley bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. Love how Grandma O. made the owl "sit like a lady"

The bedding with the paint choices. We went with the yellow (Benjamin Moore Moonlight) and will pull in accents of pink and green. I wanted bedding with many colors so that I could easily accessorize without worrying if it will match perfectly.

This is just a shot of the room from the doorway. On my right is her big huge armoire that reminds me of this guy. On my left is the wall that will have the dresser (that doubles as the changing table) and the glider.
So that's it for now!  I stay awake dreaming of how to display her name and how everything will start coming together, but I need to take it slow and don't want to push Matt completely out of the room.
**UPDATE: Check here to see the finished nursery, along with a complete source list**


Jen J. said...

Love your bedding choice - so cute & I totally love Haley PBK crib bedding. I was thinking about getting it for our LO. Thanks for the tip on that etsy listing - I did NOT give her permission to use my room pic - weird & yeah, sorta creepy. Not sure what to do about it short of contacting her & asking her why she used my image. Anywho, can't wait to see how your room turns out!

Desiree said...

I've been meaning to come by for the longest I swear!

Anyway, I looove the bedding and I think the yellow will be a great choice for the walls. The mobile is also genius and I'm so excited to follow the progress. It's so much fun to have a (virtual) preggo buddy! :-)

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