From our house to yours...

This was our Christmas card this year, made at Shutterfly for about $15. I am so happy with it!

Now for the funny story of my day. This morning, I saw that I had a voicemail. It was from late last night, and luckily I had the phone silenced (or I would not have recorded proof of this amazing phone call).It had made me laugh about 11 times today, and his good mood is kind of contagious! Wonder what he will think when he realizes he had the wrong number. By the way, it was a 270 area code: Kentucky.

Eggnog and Coors-infused laughter...
Ho Ho Ho! Look out for that deer!
Hey buuu, its yer brother
So wanna live forever?
Kinda like ya a lil bit
Merry Christmas
Later boy!

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