It's good to set goals, right?

OK, after a LONG day of being in a meeting instead of with my kids (I missed them even though they have been bonkers this week!), I needed to make a list. Because that is what neurotic people do to calm down, myself...whatever you may call it. My list today is about goals I have before Baby O's due date...
1. Get Eagle declawed. He is ridiculous.
2. Read at least two books. I have been too tired to read, but I miss it!
3. Eat better! I need to add at least one fruit and vegetable each day and that would be a step.
4. Organize/pare down the crap in the basement. I feel like I have done this several times but it never gets better.
5. Clean out my car so she doesn't have to sit next to a box of picture books, a humidifier tank, and all the other odds and ends in the back seat.
6. Figure out some storage solutions: a) Baby needs a cabinet in the kitchen b) She needs a space in the bathroom for all her bath stuff, and c) Where will all Matt's stuff go from "his" room?!
7. Get all of my paperwork set for the renewal of my teaching certification and IPDP, both expiring in June!
8. Keep up with the baby book I put together (check the Baby Talk tab)

That's all I can think of right now. How about other mamas...what are some things I am forgetting?

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