Adeventures in Breakfast

There was a page on my blog that I hardly ever updated, and I needed room to talk about breakfast, so that page got the boot! Check out my new page of breakfast reviews around Columbus, and feel free to give me some of your own favorites or take me there with you next time:o)

4 weeks to go!

I know I haven't been obsessively posting on this site as much I have been on the Baby Talk tab, but I thought I'd post the final nursery pictures on here and give one last update before she is born!  Here is the nursery (for MUCH more detail, check out the shutterfly pics if you dare). All that is missing are the white lowercase wooden letters that spell out Baby's name:
Everything revolves around that Pottery Barn Kids Hayley bedding quilt back there. I love that I could use many colors and animals (butterflies, birds, owls) and could pull from other sources rather than one big matching bed-in-a-bag deal.

Paint color: Benjamin Moore Moonlight. I am so happy with it, but it changes color BIG TIME depending on the daylight.

And as for an update, Baby O. is estimated to weigh 6 pounds, 10 ounces with 28 days to go. I am so relieved to hear this, because she is finally at a weight that sounds "normal" to me, and she still has time to grow!  I am 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Which doesn't mean a whole lot, because I could be at those numbers until 4/21! Or not...she is the one in charge!

43 days?

43 days. 6 weeks. 25 work days. And that is the countdown to the actual due date. If Baby O decides to come early, then those numbers are smaller. This is hitting me today because her cousin Jaxsen is expected Friday morning (via induction), my friend at work (we share the same doctor and have been on the same schedule for our appointments) left work today having contractions, and now my blogging buddy who is due right before me has shared that her doctor says she could "go at any time".

Ahhhhh! I am ready but I'm not. OK, I'm not. I have a to-do list that has to be done, and I have been focusing on little menial things rather than the big picture. I have been framing pictures rather than making sure my teaching certificate is in place by June!  Basically, I have chosen the fun things and it may be time to buckle down and work through all the things that need to be done in the final weeks of my pregnancy. I am not stressing, just having a shift in thinking and letting reality set in. Keep up to date on the baby's blog.
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