A new local favorite AND a challenge for you...

Today is too perfect NOT to grill out. Matt and I would eat everything off the grill if the weather would just cooperate. Jill has taught me that you can make way more than just meat on the grill (that girl can grill pizzas, appetizers, and I'm sure she has figured out dessert!) Anyway, we stopped at Kroger for some steaks, our favorite Amish (doubt it's really Amish) macaroni salad, and some twice baked potatoes. Only, when we got home to cook, there was no A-1. Tragedy at our house. Not so much for me, but for Matt it is like having pancakes without syrup. Not wanting to drive all the way back to Kroger, we remembered this market less than a mile from our house, Huffman's Market. I am all about keeping the little man alive, and this has apparently been an "institution" in UA for 24 years. We ran in for some A-1 but went down every aisle in the process. Here are our favorite parts:
  • It's local (and serves local favorites like "Just Pies" pies, Der Dutchman doughnuts and Der Dutchman tubs of cookie dough!)
  • They have a State Liquor store inside (not appealing to me now, but will be!  There are NONE anywhere nearby)
  • They have homemade soups of of the day
  • The selection of ready-to-eat items is amazing. Not as cheap as buying at the grocery store and fixing at home, but really...there are nights when this. sounds. great.
  • No lines! As much as I enjoy the selection and fuel perks at my Giant Eagle Marketplace, it annoys me that they spent all this money to have 21 lanes instead of the old 7 and still have 7 lanes open. Seriously?
  • For those of you with little ones, there is a train running around the store. That's reason enough!
So, next time you are in the area, please stop by Huffman's!  I will gladly go with you.

Next item...what to do with all these BAGS!!  In the last month, with 3 baby showers and lots of lovely random gifts in between, we have accumulated a mass of baby gift bags. Probably $100 worth, and way too nice to just throw out. Any ideas on who could use these bags for something useful?

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Schneider 4.0 said...

Keep a lot of them! You will be surprised how often you can use them for other showers and baby's birthday gifts too! I would think Craigslist is too much trouble. Give to your local Goodwill or if you know of an upcoming shower, send out a mass email saying "DON'T BUY BAGS!"

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