New page

In the past few weeks, thoughts have been swirling around my head and I needed an outlet!  I keep thinking "I need to write this down for next time", or "I need to tell _____ (insert pregnant friends' names here" about this. So, I added a new page (Baby Talk) that is my outlet. It is full of suggestions, experiences, and links to things that have worked or not worked for me as a mother. I hope that it helps someone, even if it just me in a few years when Larkyn has a little brother or sister!

Art with a newborn

But first!  Happy 5 weeks, from our little Memorial Day cutie. This was pre-wetting through the darling dress into the carseat (yay! it's washable!)
OK, back to the art. I love a good project (read: simple).  After pinning this handprint project to my Pinterest board, I couldn't wait to try it with Larkyn. Oh, the tiny newborn print looks so cute and perfect. I'm telling you now, it has to be fake. It has got to be a doll print or something. Here is how it unfolded:
  1. Paint one 6x6 canvas with tempera paint (you know, those little crafty bottles that are 77 cents and in a million hues. Those cheapo sponge brushes work perfectly.
  2. Wash and dry the brush real quick so the paint doesn't dry.
  3. Pick a second, contrasting color. Have it squeezed out, ready to go on the brush, along with these things:
    1. Your child, asleep, wearing something that can get paint on it
    2. Baby wipes
    3. Paper towels
    4. A sense of freaking humor
  4. Paint baby's hand, knowing that she will squeeze her hand shut with crushing force, squeezing paint all over your pants and the hardwood floor.
  5. Wait, and WAIT for her to open it back up and quickly squish it onto the canvas. 
  6. Curse because she snapped it shut like a clam and the canvas now looks ridiculous.
  7. Paint over the canvas and repeat the previous steps 3 times.
  8. Give up and paint her feet...
The paint colors are much brighter than they appear in the bottle. If her feet are like mine, we might need a bigger canvas when she turns 3!

My resolution

I have officially been inspired. It was a combination of watching Oprah this afternoon (tear) and discovering Becky Higgins' blog:  I know I already take a ton of pictures of Larkyn, but Becky's big idea is documenting moments and objects with meaning. Read her story and you'll realize why she records every moment with her children. Here are some of my moments from today:
My favorite new thing Larkyn does is "feel" whoever is holding her. That sounds strange, I know, but when she sleeps happily, she scrunches her hands all over you.

Nap time

Another reflex I love             

Mama and baby's big feet  

Wonder what she is dreaming about?

My Mothers Day present (necklace from etsy)

Fun with words...

It's good to know that other people are fascinated with words and the way people speak. When I hear someone with an accent, I'll stop at nothing to figure out where they are from. Anyway, Desiree posted her video here (with her adorable awake baby). You caught us at naptime!  And also at "it is so humid that a headbanded ponytail is all that will work" time...

If you want to try it and post your video, here are the questions...
Say These Words: Aunt, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting Image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught

What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?

What is a bubbly carbonated drink called?

What do you call gym shoes?

What do you call your grandparents?

What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?

What is the thing you change the TV channel with?

Do you think you have an accent?

Be a wizard or a vampire?

Do you know anyone on Tumblr in real life?

Welcome, spring??

Well, I went from dressing Larkyn in a onesie and nothing else last week to bundling her in fleece, a hat and a blanket this week, to today....
I'm thinking its back to spring/summer again. I sure hope so, because this child loves to be outside. She is also all in pink in honor of my sorority sister, Tessa, who is undergoing a double masectomy tomorrow for her breast cancer she just discovered last week. We love you!  Also, a shout out to my big sis...

One month already!

My baby is a month old! When do they stop being "newborns" and become "infants"? I want her to stay a newborn!  So, what's new with us?  The last post was entitled "reflex..." and this one should be "Reflux" because that's what we have in our house. It came on pretty suddenly on Monday, which the doctor said is typical. It is not a dramatic case by any means, but poor baby is very uncomfortable right after and sometimes during her bottles. And. the. screaming. Holy crap. Well, after taking some really good tips from the nurse and prescription for Zantac (which we will start tonight), we are in better shape.

At the doctor today for her one month appointment, she weighed 9.1 and her head was 14.5 inches. She measured the same in length as when she was born (20.75) but the nurse said one of the measurements was probably off a bit because it is so hard to measure length. Either way, all 3 measurements put her in the 25th percentile.  I'm glad she is growing and thriving:o)

She went to school today and loved it!  We stopped in my classroom for the last few minutes of the day and she had on her big googly eyes to stare at everyone. The kids were bouncing off the freaking walls and Larkyn was fascinated by all of the chaos. Then, she got to be passed around and loved on during our art teacher's wedding shower. A couple people even said she looks like me!  The jury is still out on that.  Anyway, here are her one month pics. I realize it is not 5/21 and it seems like if she was born on 4/21 that she'd be one month on 5/21. But I had to make a choice...document the weeks every Thursday and months on the 21st or keep them all on Thursdays. That made more sense.
One month! Debuting her monthly sticker from Purple Possum

My little sunshine

This is what happens when I walk away to make a bottle. She just sat there like this. It's her stylish Levar Burton look.

They say its just a reflex...

So, it is 12:28 and I just finished a feeding. Which is fine because Larkyn sucks down bottles like a champ. No messing around, no falling asleep at the "table" we are done pretty quickly. Everything was going as planned, nothing out of the ordinary, until she grabbed my finger. Of course, we have put our fingers in her hand to grab and of course I have read and heard that infants will close their hands around your finger as a reflex. But for some reason, this stunned me that she grabbed it as she was taking her bottle and squeezed for the next ten minutes as she gazed at me with her precious eyes. I promptly burst into tears and professed my love for her. I know, dramatic and very unlike me. But seriously....reflex, shmeflex!

This was definitely one of "those moments" they tell you about, when you cry so easily after becoming a mom. Once was in the hospital on our first night alone. We are not going to touch on the other 2, during the first bath and the failed nursing attempts, because those were extremely justified by my stress level!

Have you ever heard this quote before? "Making the decision to have a child is momentous.  It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body."  ~Elizabeth Stone. Well said, Ms. Stone!

Hey, we are making progress!

Happy 3 weeks!  Tutu and onesie courtesy of crafty Julie:o)
Well, Blogger deleted this post I wrote yesterday, so I am sure I can't be as interesting and witty as I was the first time around. I can't beleive it has been 3 weeks since I brought my baby home!  Of course, there are frustrating moments, but we have navigated through them and have started to find our way!  Today, we went on our first "date" together...hitting up Lane Avenue to just walk around and window shop. Of course, once I went into Gymboree and it was 30% off the entire store, all bets were off.

Before you see the progress we have made in bathing (and not mine, mine has definitely taken a back seat since Larkyn came!  Seriously...), here is an updated picture of the nursery. We had to wait until the last minute to add her name so that no one would see it! FYI- anything "white" by Pottery Barn is NOT white. I knew this when registering, but didn't think it would be that big of a deal. It's not, if you are hanging frames or shelves, or something that is not next to a bright white crib. But, after carefully tracing around these letters, hanging the tracings, hanging the letters, and taking a step back, I hated them!  So, I had Matt immediately spray paint them white in the back yard. I know, PBK employees would shudder at the thought of their products being spray painted!

Rather than violent screaming, is that a smile before bath time!?

I don't know if it is the warm weather or her just getting used to baths, but this is MAJOR progress here!

So, of course we still have much to learn. I am still trying to figure out protocol when the pacifier falls out (run and pop it back in!?  Wait a few minutes? Don't put it in at all?), wondering when I should move her from our room to the crib, and wishing she could deal with her gas as easily as her father:o)

Witnessing a miracle

My daughter doesn't like to lay on her back. At all. Not to be changed, not to sleep, nothing. I realized today that that may make things difficult when I move her from the bassinet (which is inclined and very cozy on all sides) to the crib, which is like a vast, scary plain of flatness. So, I thought I better give her some practice before the big move to the crib someday. Here is where the Fisher Price wonder of wonders comes in...

My First Mother's Day

First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all of you mamas out there. I have been looking forward to my first one for a long time. Before I tell you about mine, let's pause for a photo...
Her onesie says "Mommy adores me", but you can only see that from this shot. You can tell we have a wiggle worm on our hands...
OK, anyway. Our Mother's Day was celebrated across 2 days, as most holidays seem to be these days. Larkyn and I met up with Nana at The Cambridge Tea House for breakfast. When Julie and I visited Cambridge for her birthday, I remember thinking how excited I would be to bring my daughter there for Mother's Day!  We had a great fancy breakfast, then came home to greet my cousins who were visiting from Pennsylvania. I haven't seen them in decades (really). It amazes me how a baby will bring a family together:o)  It was fun to catch up and laugh at their stories. Larkyn enjoyed being passed around and fussed over.

Then today for my own Mother's Day, we had an early start with someone being fussy at 5 am. She actually looked (and sounded!) like she was in pain, so I cuddled with her on the couch for a few hours so that everyone could sleep. I got my first Mother's Day card and Matt suggested we go look at dishwashers. Yahoo! This may not sound exciting to you, but our dishwasher is my arch nemesis. It is terrible and grosses me out every time I unload it. So, Larkyn had her first trip to Daddy's favorite store: Lowe's!  We came home with a lovely Whirlpool model that Matt and my dad are going to install tomorrow. Hopefully that will not be as hard as it sounds. 

We just got back from my parents house (Nana and PawPaw), where we had the first cookout of the summer! With my first Mothers Day behind me, I am excited for my first year of being a mama!

2 weeks old!

Happy 2 weeks, baby!  I may start to sound redundant between the 2 blogs (I am having trouble cutting myself off from the other one), but I'll catch everyone up on our adventures of mom-ness in week 2:
  • New car! The size of our brood made this necessary, and Grandpa O found us a great deal on an Edge. S far, it is the perfect "family" car. We broke it in by taking everyone (yes, dogs too...sorry kitty) to Dairy Queen in the pouring rain the night we got it. We do anything for Blizzards. 
  • First "real bath", given by mama all by herself!  I was so stressed from the stupid sponge baths (I would hate that too!) that I tried the regular warm tub of water bath on my own one day. She was fascinated by being dunked in water for about .006 seconds and then resumed screaming.
  • A slave to bottles! I feel like all I do is wash bottles. Like some sort of prison job...washing bottles in an assembly line. It helps that we got another set, but downing one every 3 hours means that I need 8 in a day.
  • Second doctor appointment went well and Larkyn is almost back to her birth weight. We will have to go again next week to check again. She again "soiled" herself between the time I left the house and when we were asked to "strip down to a nice clean diaper". I sheepishly have to change her in front of the nurse every time. Performance anxiety!
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