2 weeks old!

Happy 2 weeks, baby!  I may start to sound redundant between the 2 blogs (I am having trouble cutting myself off from the other one), but I'll catch everyone up on our adventures of mom-ness in week 2:
  • New car! The size of our brood made this necessary, and Grandpa O found us a great deal on an Edge. S far, it is the perfect "family" car. We broke it in by taking everyone (yes, dogs too...sorry kitty) to Dairy Queen in the pouring rain the night we got it. We do anything for Blizzards. 
  • First "real bath", given by mama all by herself!  I was so stressed from the stupid sponge baths (I would hate that too!) that I tried the regular warm tub of water bath on my own one day. She was fascinated by being dunked in water for about .006 seconds and then resumed screaming.
  • A slave to bottles! I feel like all I do is wash bottles. Like some sort of prison job...washing bottles in an assembly line. It helps that we got another set, but downing one every 3 hours means that I need 8 in a day.
  • Second doctor appointment went well and Larkyn is almost back to her birth weight. We will have to go again next week to check again. She again "soiled" herself between the time I left the house and when we were asked to "strip down to a nice clean diaper". I sheepishly have to change her in front of the nurse every time. Performance anxiety!

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