Art with a newborn

But first!  Happy 5 weeks, from our little Memorial Day cutie. This was pre-wetting through the darling dress into the carseat (yay! it's washable!)
OK, back to the art. I love a good project (read: simple).  After pinning this handprint project to my Pinterest board, I couldn't wait to try it with Larkyn. Oh, the tiny newborn print looks so cute and perfect. I'm telling you now, it has to be fake. It has got to be a doll print or something. Here is how it unfolded:
  1. Paint one 6x6 canvas with tempera paint (you know, those little crafty bottles that are 77 cents and in a million hues. Those cheapo sponge brushes work perfectly.
  2. Wash and dry the brush real quick so the paint doesn't dry.
  3. Pick a second, contrasting color. Have it squeezed out, ready to go on the brush, along with these things:
    1. Your child, asleep, wearing something that can get paint on it
    2. Baby wipes
    3. Paper towels
    4. A sense of freaking humor
  4. Paint baby's hand, knowing that she will squeeze her hand shut with crushing force, squeezing paint all over your pants and the hardwood floor.
  5. Wait, and WAIT for her to open it back up and quickly squish it onto the canvas. 
  6. Curse because she snapped it shut like a clam and the canvas now looks ridiculous.
  7. Paint over the canvas and repeat the previous steps 3 times.
  8. Give up and paint her feet...
The paint colors are much brighter than they appear in the bottle. If her feet are like mine, we might need a bigger canvas when she turns 3!

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