2 months...I get it

My blog friend, Desiree, posted last week when her daughter turned 2 months old. It was called "Juxtaposition", and now I know why. If I may, I will touch on the same topic...

Reasons to celebrate at 2 months:
-Larkyn is a healthy, big girl who was once labeled "Small for Gestational Growth". Go ahead, google it. It is an actual label that comes up with really fun articles. She is 11 lbs, 22 inches, and falls in the 50th percentile in all areas.
-We are now out of newborn clothes and it is so much fun to dress her every day. No fun to dress myself at this time, so I live vicariously through baby clothes.
-I get to spend time with her while she is at the perfect age for social activities!  She can join us at restaurants, for shopping trips, and she just happily lays there and takes everything in. I know I need to enjoy it now because it won't last!
-Daddy is getting more involved with not-fun aspects of parenthood. He is great at the fun part and I am glad to have him help me with diapering and feeding nowadays! 
-It is time for fun things like tummy time and story time. The latter is probably more for me.

Reasons why 2 months is a little sad for me:
-You know what happens at the 2 month appointment. Yep. The first set of vaccinations. She was a trooper. She gasped from surprise, let out a scream like I have never heard, and turned bright red. But after about 20 seconds, it was over. She just looked so sad, and I had to wipe both of our tears when it was over. Desiree promised her daughter a pony...I got on amazon and ordered the Cloud B Ladybug nightlight that I have wanted for months.
-I am exactly halfway through my maternity leave. Though I love my job and there is no way I could afford to not work, I really REALLY would stay home with her if I could.
-It is going too fast. I am packing up her newborn clothes and her first pacifiers and pulling out the bigger girl accessories. This means that the "just born" part is over!  For the kid who cried at the end of my birthdays and the day after Christmas, this is hard for me. I know it will just get more and more fun, but...it is hard to explain.
-Pretty soon, we are going to run out of all the gifted diapers. Somehow, we had the perfect amount of newborn diapers (one month's worth...I think 4 small packages if you care). But boy are we flying through (or peeing through, rather) the size ones! 

So, yeah...2 months feels like a big milestone. She has even made her first friend...


Desiree said...

That outfit is the cutest ever! And I know what you mean - I was so sad putting away her newborn socks and I almost cried when I couldn't zip up her full-length pjs because she's getting too long!

But it sure is cool to have her make eye contact with me and tummy time is such a milestone at least to me. :-) Here's to two months!

Desiree said...

PS, do you have any tips for tummy time? Sofia HATES it!

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