First field trips

Larkyn has been out and about since she was a little over a week old. But it was time to expand her horizons past Lowe's and Giant Eagle. This week, we hit up Pink Moon Bakery in Powell, which I have already reviewed here.  Kate went with us, as we fought through terrible Old Powell traffic and dashed across the street. Once inside, we were pumped that all the good flavors were still left and there were seats in the sun room. If every business were inside an old house, the world would be a better place. Here we are. Please take note of her onesie. 

If you don't live in Columbus, you don't know that we are experiencing incredible weather lately. I feel bad saying it because all I see on the news is stories about the oppressive heat and tornadoes everywhere else!  Anyway, I thought we better get out to the zoo before this gorgeous weather is gone. Jill and her kiddos met us, and we only had 2 goals: Polar bears and aquarium. I knew Larkyn would wake up and be really into the fish, which she was. And the new polar exhibit is sooo cool (they swim above you in a glass-bottomed tank). The rest of the zoo was for me, I guess!  Even after our friends left for nap time, I enjoyed taking Larkyn around and she was alert, just observing people (people watcher like Mama!) and watching things like waterfalls and such.  Here we are...

Ready to roll in her zebra dress and leopard blanket!         

She's apparently not a fan of pythons

If you haven't clicked to enlarge and see her eyes, you must. Thanks for the pic, Jill!
I grew up LOVING the Columbus Zoo and it was so neat to take my girl to the same place I loved so much. I can't wait til she is old enough to realize what's happening and to pick her own favorite animal.

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Desiree said...

There's a children's boutique in my neighborhood called The Cozy Cottage and I love it so much! I have to restrain myself every time I go in there because I want to buy everything and I know a lot of it has to do with the fact that it's an old house! :-)

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