Lucky week 7

Every day this week, I have been amazed at the changes Larkyn has gone through very recently. She is giggling, tracking objects and people and turning around to follow things that go out of her sight. She has slept in the crib for almost a week like a champ, and she is babbling. Not babbling at us, really. Her favorite "person" to talk to is the butterfly on the wall above her changing pad. It is so funny. No one gets a bigger smile than Daddy and we are excited to celebrate his first Fathers Day in a few weeks. Today, we went to Nana's office to have lunch and meet all of her friends. Little did we know that they all follow our weekly pics! 

Before I show this week's pictures, can we talk about The Voice? Jill and Kate both talked me into watching it, and after catching up on a marathon, I am telling everyone about it. I think you know how I am...when I like something, I try to talk everyone else into liking it too. Anyway, here is why I like it and why YOU should give it a try next Tuesday (reruns and marathons are always on E!)
  • There are no ridiculous auditions. I am so over those weeks of Idol where people waste my time being fake!
  • The finalists were selected in a blind audition. What a novel idea! If we are looking for a "voice", we use our ears...not our eyes to judge their size, clothes, etc.
  • And the panel of experts (Ceelo, Christina Aguliera, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton) are not judges, but coaches. This is my favorite part. They picked the singers to be on their teams and spend the week coaching them on their performances. When you think about it, how are the contestants supposed to grow when they are not taught, but judged once a week. I wouldn't expect my students to grow if I did not teach them their sight words but quizzed them once a week anyway. Hmmm.
  • Because of the blind auditions, they got the best of the best. No one could fake their way into this by schmoozing with Simon or playing to Paula with their cuteness. These singers are A-mazing.
You have all week to catch up on hulu and be ready to watch on Tuesday on NBC. Let me know if you like it!  And I am pumped that my favorite show, So You Think You Can Dance, is back for the summer! OK, without further ado...

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