Mama Monday: Getting dressed up

Today was cousin Jaxsen's christening and I was excited. Like, almost couldn't sleep excited. Not because he was about to become a child of God and all those wonderful sentiments but because this was an event that called for dressing up.  You see, when you have a daughter (maybe a son, too, I can't attest to that), dressing up is so much fun. I sifted through multiple wardrobe possibilities and used last week's weekly photo as a trial run. And then we found the perfect one:

Not only could we dress Larkyn up for the festivities but we could tie in the holiday, which is like a wardrobe jackpot to me!  Yesterday at Gymboree, my mom insisted on buying the matching espadrilles, which were the crown jewel of the ensemble.

The weekend I found out I was expecting a girl also happened to be Gymboree's semi annual sale. We all know that the ultrasound (especially one at 18 weeks!) is not 100% accurate, right? Well, picture me on Black Friday, shopping for "everyone".  Really, I was at Gymboree buying a closet full of clothes for a child who might be a girl. And here I am with my girl, spending all morning making sure she looked her best....while I myself accidentally walked out the door with my Old Navy purple flip flops on and still sported my "facewashing headband".

So, does it go away?  Will I always want to buy the bikini-that-matches-the-sandals, hat, and coverup, or will it get old?  I guess the good thing is that I only buy things on sale and I have pretty much stopped buying things for myself (except for the Sbicca wedges I bought for my summer "Am I too old for these?" shoes).

Last, is there anything that makes your heart melt more than your baby interacting with other family? And by interacting, I mean, so passed out that you have to hold her up next to her cousin?
We like hats in this family!

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Schneider 4.0 said...

Um...he totally looks like a mob boss in that fedora. I think your daughter has more shoes than I do.

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