Movie/product/Fathers Day review

So we had a busy weekend around here! Baby is either going through a "growth spurt", which seems to be the popular advice to me right now, or she is still a little out of sorts from her first vaccinations on Thursday. So, that has taken a lot of my energy. But we also had a full day yesterday with our first Fathers Day. Since Matt's birthday was just 3 days before, I had to come up with 2 gift ideas in less than a week. Ladies, you know how hard it is to buy for the guys, so this was a challenge. We ended up hiding lots of his favorite things around the house for a very simple scavenger hunt. Really, I couldn't find a basket anywhere in the house to make up a gift basket, so this was the creative solution:o)  After collecting his Jolly Ranchers, Beef Jerky, etc., he found a Golf Smith gift card in the microwave!  We ended the day at my parents for a big old (indoor) cookout and baby time. I feel blessed to be able to still celebrate Fathers Day with my own dad and now my baby's dad (and yes, we sometimes say "Baby Daddy" around here). Here are a few pics from the day.
Yes, I cut my hair off. The jury is still out.
He's smitten

Earlier in the weekend, we were excited to receive True Grit in the mail. We always feel like we need to watch all the Oscar movies, and we have about a 50/50 success rate. I end up cringing or sleeping through a lot of them. Anyway, Matt loves the Cohen brothers, and I was intrigued by the leading lady (14 year old Hayley Steinfeld), so we were hoping for a good one this time. "Great success!" as Borat would say. I LOVED it. I expected a dark, depressing Western that would leave me confused in the end (No Country For Old Men, anyone?) Instead, it was lighthearted and even funny at times. Definitely one that the guys and girls would both enjoy for movie night. I loved Hayley's performance so much that I entertained naming the next baby Hayley, then realized her initials couldn't be HO, and dismissed the idea. Not that there will be a "next baby" any time soon, but baby names have always been an obsession of mine. I digress. I watched the movie again today, while HO's big sister napped on my chest.

Oh, and my product review. Let's just say I have had my issues with baby carriers in the last 2 months. I was given a Bjorn, which is incredibly easy to put on but killed my shoulders. I was given a Moby, which is comfy, but the 20 foot piece of fabric that IS the Moby nearly ended up in the disposal every time I tried to twist it into shape and trust that it won't magically unravel and send my precious careening to the floor. Theeeeeeen I got the Ergo. Baby is not going anywhere in the Ergo. However, it takes 2 people to put it on because the wearer is somehow supposed to buckle a clasp that sits between the shoulder blades. Go ahead, try reaching back there with both hands. Seriously. The women in Africa carry babies all the time and it should NOT be this difficult. Enter the Baby K'Tan. It is soft and comfortable like a Moby, but pre-wrapped. So, I just slip it over my shoulders, put Lulu inside and we are good to go. Remember how I mentioned that she has been fussy?  I stuck her in it this afternoon and within a minute, she was pacifier-dropping-out-of-mouth asleep. I love you, K'tan. FYI--I used the money from returning the Moby to get the K'Tan. I will keep the Ergo for trips out side of the house when there is a "Baby Staff" to help me put the freaking thing on.
K'Tan= happy baby and happy mama. Now go put some makeup on, mama!

What about you? Seen any good movies or found any amazing products lately?


Jill said...
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Jill said...
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Jill said...

Yes! The most amazing product I've found is a little something called wine. You put the kids to bed, pop the cork and it takes you to another place :)

I did see The Dilemma and questioned how Vince Vaughn could have lunatic eyes for such a long period of time.

Desiree said...

Ok, so I LOVE your hair! It looks super cute!

I was really on the fence about True Grit because I heard it wasn't good and I already don't like Westerns and I HATED No Country For Old Men. When it was over I wanted those two hours of my life back. But, I might give True Grit a try - I keep seeing it on our 'top movies' list on AppleTV.

And I'm so with you on the Baby K'Tan! I can do the Ergo by myself but it seems so bulky with the infant insert and Sofia gets so sweaty in it! I'm talking wet hair sweaty, poor baby! I have the Moby in my car for emergencies but the ball of fabric is more than I want to mess with, especially now that I'm spoiled with the Baby K'Tan. I just wore her today in the grocery store and it was so great! Takes two seconds and it feels much more secure than the Moby. I'm doing the kangaroo hold with her legs out because she's getting too big to keep them in comfortably *sniffsniff*. Soon she's going to be able to face out like a big girl!

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