Week 6 begins!

6 weeks already?!  Hmm, it wasn't too eventful except for our first attempt at shopping for myself. Oh sure, she has been an angel at Gymboree, the grocery store, and at Lowe's. But the Old Navy-time-to-buy-postpartum-clothes trip was not angelic. Luckily, it didn't get to the full-out meltdown phase...just "please pick me up I'm bored" phase I guess. I am happy with the new clothes I bought, as long as I don't look at the size:o)  I also wanted to include a little letter I wrote for no other reason than to rant...

Dear Insurance and all those involved with my delivery, 

Thank you for billing my epidural separately and submitting it before the hospital submitted the delivery. It was thoughtful of you to make sure I had not reached my deductible by a matter of 4 hours, therefore leaving me responsible for the epidural. 

I also appreciate you jacking up the cost of my birth control pills to $79 a month. It's nice to know that my medicine is so highly regarded that it should double in a year.

And finally, thank you for doubling my deductible the minute she was born so that I am right back where I started working towards it...but now with nothing to pay for it.  

With much gratitude,

(Before you ask, "what about 10 or $25 copays?", I don't have them. My employer chose to go the HSA route, which is the root of all evil).

OK, on to something not evil. It's Larkyn's 6 week bday!  Here are some pictures of the week:
Overalls from Nana, The flower on her shelf catches her attention but covers the sweet flowered sleeves of her onesie.

Pretty girl! Her top was accented by hot pink leggings that I could wear on my hand. Thanks Kate and Amber for my cute outfit!

Playing with Daddy. He always gets these huge grins out of her by making her move her arm in Popeye-like fashion (with sound effects)

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