Birthday Thursday: Happy 14 weeks!

14 weeks, geez. Last week, our picture was on the beach (which was lovely), but we are glad to be home. I cannot tell you how relieved I am that Larkyn has finally adjusted back to her usual schedule!  Because she is generally a happy kiddo, I tried to explain away and "fix" her fussiness on Monday. Was she teething? Was it because I didn't take her special Dr. Brown's mixing pitcher on vacation and now she has a week's worth of bubbles built up and is about to explode!? No, she had just put up with enough changes to her life and needed to tell me all about it. Point taken, princess!

So, what's new with Lulu?  She is seriously tracking objects with her eyes, including her hands and the teether that I gave her when I was convinced she had a tooth coming in (she still might, I'm not sure). She is holding things if I put them in her hand. And man, is she kicking up a storm! My family called her a Rockette while watching her kick on vacation. This was even more fun for her when I took the infant sling out of her bath tub and she could kick in her "big girl" tub. I know it will remind my mom of her favorite bath story of mine. Basically, every time I was in the tub, it was an adventure. I took all my McDonald's Bambi toys in and would do my best to create waves. The floor was absolutely soaked every time she would finally drag me out of the cold water (it was warm when she put me in, don't worry). Anyway...happy 14 weeks, water baby! (see her roll over? Ha!)

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