Mama Monday: Naptime police

Well, we are nearing the 12 week mark. The 3 month milestone, when it seems that all the "fun stuff" begins. She will supposedly be able to fit into her 3-6 month clothes (not a chance), she can use the Level 2 nipples (still can't get used to writing that word without cringing), and we should be on somewhat of a schedule.  My best friends laughed when I said she already was on a schedule like 7 weeks ago. I did not account for this naptime business. My idea of a schedule is that she goes to bed at 9, wakes up at 7:30, and cries for a bottle at 3 hours on the dot. Now I see why they said "don't force the issue"...they were referring to naptimes. Over the 4th of July weekend, we were with Larkyn's cousin, who is 6 weeks older. He naps from 9-11 and 1-4. What the what?! How do we make this happen?  I just kind of nodded along and was like "Yeah, she's a good little sleeper" while silently panicking.

I have been trying to track it to see if there is a natural pattern to her sleepiness. Here is what I have found...OK, so when Larkyn wakes up at 7:30, she eats and then immediately goes back to sleep. That, I can always count on. But throughout the rest of the day, she is like a cat. Up for an hour, then out for 30 minutes. then up for 30, out for an hour.

So, mamas...the question is how do I start or do I NEED to start setting firm nap times? How do I force her to sleep if she is not tired? And if it is working out just fine the way it is, why do I need firm nap times?  These are not rhetorical questions. I need your input. Thanks.

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Schneider 4.0 said...

I'm not going to be of much help. Both my kids catnapped until about 6 months. Then they were doing a morning and afternoon nap. I definitely wouldn't force the issue though...she is so little still!!!!! You could always try and do things to keep her stimulated to keep her awake, but the girl is going to sleep when she wants to sleep. Just keep looking out for those cues when she's tired. Sorry!

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