Random Wednesday: Accents, anyone?

I know from various conversations with you and reading some of your blogs that I am not that only one interested in accents and linguistics. It is something I notice right away and maybe envy a bit due to my Ohioan "non-accent". I personally challenge myself to figure out where someone is from without asking them and then doing a fist-pump in my brain if I am correct. Anyway...this is about TV again (hey, its Random Wednesday, I can touch on TV again)

There is a new show on the History Channel called How the states got their shape. I had seen the previews of it but hadn't planned on watching it. Funny thing when your cable box is out (Time Warner is so backed up that they won't be out til Friday!) and you can't see the "Guide", you will settle for anything. Good thing. This episode, called "Mouthing Off", was an hour full of fascinating (to me) details about regional dialects and vocabulary in the USA. It touches on the pop vs. soda debate, where "y'all" comes from, the state where new vocabulary starts and spreads through the country, the correct way to say Nevada, and tons of other little facts about the way we speak. Here is the episode description from History.com:

We all live in the same country, so why do we sound do different? It's a matter of where you are on the map. Why didn't the southern accent exist until after the Civil War? How did California athletes end up coining so many new words? Why do we have so many different words for the same things -- like pop versus soda? Will one particularly strong accent cause New York to break up and create a 51st state?"

This episode will re-air on History 7/13 at 11pm and 7/14 at 3AM, so set your DVRs if you are interested. OR...here it is on Hulu right now!



Schneider 4.0 said...

Stop! I totally made a video with me doing the accent experiment but for some reason couldn't download/upload it! Thanks for sharing--if I get a minute, I definitely want to watch this!

Stacie said...

I thought you would really like it! Lots of fun, random trivia to pull out later. Try uploading it again!

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