Random Wednesday: my favorite website

Maybe you have heard of it, maybe you haven't. I am hoping that it won't get as annoyingly popular as facebook and twitter, but I'd like to introduce you to it if you please. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present Pinterest. A month or so ago, I noticed that my favorite bloggers on younghouselove were referencing it more and more, so I had to check it out.

OK, picture this: You are planning a 30th birthday that has an 80's theme (I went to Jill's once and it was "tubular")...you spend hours online, google-imaging "80's party". You tediously copy and paste images into a Word document, sometimes remembering to include the web address to the Pop Rocks cookies or where you can buy an Atari. Ah, yes, yo must remember to text-wrap your pictures or they will end up all over the place or just disappearing.  I have done this SO MANY times (nursery decor, planning showers, etc). Now, Pinterest is there to help you organize inspiring images. You can either go on an image hunt by category (the other night I looked up pink and turquoise parties) or if you are bored, you just browse around other peoples' boards and "repin" their ideas. This is fun because I have found tons of recipes, ideas for my classroom, and DIY projects I wasn't searching for...they found me!

You can't just sign up (I don't know why), but you can request an invitation or ask me and I will invite you:o)  Give it a try. Yes, it may be a time-waster, but I need something to do during Lulu's naps. And I love a good organization system. And for instance, I just saw Ciao Bella Belgian Chocolate sorbet S'mores on GMA and God forbid I forget about them. Found them online real quick and pinned them!

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