Random Wednesday: So many firsts!

I will make this brief since we are on vacation, but there is so much to report that I just can't wait. In the last 2 days, we have had her first flight, first taxi ride, first boat ride, first golf cart ride (all of those were just to get to the beach house!), and tried out that pool for the first time! And most importantly, she got to meet her family for the first time. It is a powerful thing to watch your baby make others happy!  More to come later...

Chillin' on the seat beside me. She enjoyed making "Ahhhhh" noises to hear herself over the engine and making funny faces at the boy across the aisle.

Meeting "Aunt Kristy" for the first time. That's in quotations because they are really cousins but we stumble on that.

I thought this was going to be a disaster, but she LOVED the pool! And why am I wearing my coverup? I thought I'd be walking in to my ankles and she'd scream, but I kept going and didn't know how to take it off with a baby!

Yay! Mom told me I "learned" to swim at 3 months. At the time, they made them let GO of the babies. No way!

Wiped out!  Her diaper is full of about 18 gallons of pool water, yet she still sleeps (I changed her after the pics, no worries)

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Jean said...

Oh Stacie, how adorable is Larkin, she is sooooo cute. I just love her to pieces. I am glad you both had a good flight. I hope someday I will meet her in person. Love and Miss you..

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