TV Tuesday: Teen Mom and dancing!

Shall we start with my favorite SYTYCD routine from Wednesday? Lets. I was about to turn it off and go to bed because I wasn't wowed by any of the dances...until the last dance came on. Things to keep in mind: 1. I want Caitlin's dress to wear everywhere, 2. Mitchell is injured, 3. Look how athletic this dance is!!  I pictured myself doing it and burst out laughing.

And as for my new trash TV obsession (I don't allow myself a LOT of it, but I dabble in it), we have Teen Mom. I watched a marathon one day to catch up, and I can't believe the lives these girls lead already at 18!  They all had babies around age 16, and they all have crrrrrazy relationships with their significant others and parents. I don't see how critics can say that the show glorifies teenage motherhood--it looks horrendous! I tune in to see their sweet interactions with their children (now toddlers), how they are providing for themselves, and what the H is up with their boyfriends. PS--one of their moms is married to their baby daddy's dad. That is just the beginning. Have you seen it? What do you think?

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