Birthday Thursday: Happy 15 weeks!

At 15 weeks, Larkyn is really starting to show her personality!  Just today I got to witness an array of expressions. When I laid her bouncy seat in the bathroom for shower time (this is relaxing "me time" for both of us), she gave me the "chill" face. At Target, every time I looked down at her and asked her opinion, she just grinned. And when I didn't get her bottle warmed up fast enough, I saw despair (I knooooow, dramatic!).

Anyway, this week, she is really making friends with her hands. She noticed them long ago, but has started to realize that she controls them and can put them in her mouth. She takes every opportunity to do so. She is trying to roll from back to belly, but I am not pushing this issue at all because then I can't swaddle her anymore to sleep!  For some reason, she has been the spit up queen lately. I can't get a burp out of her, and then when I give up, she becomes a fountain of Similac. Nice. Here are this weeks' faces...

Earth to mom, its nap time.

There's that hand. Steady now...I want to eat you!

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