Birthday Thursday: Happy 17 weeks!

I have been dying to take these pictures all day, but since I am officially a working mama, they had to wait til I got home and Larky Lu was awake. She is donning a special back to school outfit courtesy of Aunt Kate, as you will see.

This week we have had some excitement, but it's nothing I haven't already gushed about!  She started rice cereal (and despises it), and I had a mental breakdown at Babies R Us trying to buy her baby food maker. She went to the sitter's house for the first time yesterday and we all lived. It was like I woke up a new person after I cried out all my worries. "Miss C", we will call her, asked me all the right questions, double checked what I brought, loved the notes I wrote for her (and put me at ease saying that she's never had a mom NOT leave notes, so, no I'm not psychotic). I spent the day at school and a fabulous lunch at Tucci's patio, and then went to pick her up. I wasn't sure what I would walk in to...but it was 2 little babies fast asleep. And right on schedule. Can I get a fist pump for Miss C?

So, moral of the story? A lot of times I get worked up for nothing. If I diverted that energy into, say, working out, we might all benefit. Lesson learned.
Yes, I am pushing the ABCs already. Just kidding. She is reading Harry Potter.
Motion shot! This is what she's been doing since the first kick at 20 weeks gestation! Her onesie is from Wholly Craft, leggings from Gymboree, and Tevas were the most amazing hand-me-downs. They are so easy to slip on

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Baby Making Mama said...

hahaha!! I LOVE that motion shot! Too awesome! And holy CUTENESS! Love those leg warmers! Baby already knows how to style huh?! Love it!!

Thanks so much for linking up! Sorry it took me so long to visit this week.

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