Birthday Thursday: Happy 4 months!

...or 16 weeks ,however you want to look at it.  This week has been exciting in the life of our girl!

Throughout my pregnancy, I read a ton of books and used several online resources. I bought a big stack of baby books, as well, which have made nice bookshelf decorations. I am not as worried as I was during pregnancy, which surprises me. If I have a question, I ask a friend or google it. Anyway, I do sometimes read about the monthly "milestones" but try not to take them too seriously. I have quickly learned that she will do things at her own pace and is wired to reach the milestones by me just providing opportunities for practice. Case in point, I had been wondering when she would start to grasp and reach for things. I walked past her in the exersaucer and there she was, moving the pandas on a seesaw up and down! I have noticed her "hyper" moments, when it seems like she might burst. This is usually when she wakes up, and it is hilarious.

This time next week, Nana will be watching her while I am getting my brand new classroom ready for school. This is really a challenging time for me (if you have been following this, you are already aware).  If you are lucky enough to be a stay at home mom, please (for me!), take a moment to soak it up and realize how fortunate you are! I would take on any amount of dishes, laundry, etc. to be able to stay with Larkyn and it breaks my heart to leave her.  Period.
Sleepy today...
I'm done.

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