Mama Monday: Baptism time!

OK, I love a good party. I haven't had one lately, and Larkyn's baptism was certainly an occasion to celebrate!  Months ago, I started pinning ideas and inspiration. Unfortunately, her baptism coincided with the first week of school, so I had absolutely no time to go overboard like I would have if school hadn't started 2 days before. I knew I wanted fun colors, though, and based everything off of this amazing custom invitation made by Christie Haack at Lollitree. I found a birthday invitation I liked and asked her to change the graphics to Christian symbols. Here is what she came up with. Click on it and the quality will clear up:
She took a lot of time to make it and I was happy to see that she has now listed this item in her shop for others to use. So, I started there and used those colors throughout celebration. The rest of the day was obviously about Lulu and her commitment to Jesus, so I will tell the rest in pictures. Despite having her first cold, she had a wonderful day and slept through most of the church service. It was awesome to have all of our family and close friends honor our daughter by spending the day with her.

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Desiree said...

So gorgeous! I keep telling Drew that we need to get the baby baptized like yesterday!!

Love the pics - you look so pretty!!

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