Mama Monday: The dreaded 4 month appointment

When Lulu woke up from her afternoon nap, she had a big smile on her face. I said to Matt, "Oh no, she's in a good mood. I feel so bad for her because she has no idea what's coming" (multiple vaccinations). Well, by the time I got her to the doctor's (less than 5 minutes away), things took a turn to the dark side. She started wailing in the waiting room for no apparent reason, and screamed on and off through the entire appointment. It was really unlike her, and I was upset myself because it looked like I had no control over the situation. I know, it happens.

Anyway, we met our new doctor because ours left the practice. This annoyed/worried me at first. Alas, the new doctor was my dream come true!  He walked in, gave her a big raspberry on her belly, and was just the friendliest grandpa-type I could have ever hoped for. Good news?  He gave me the green light to start feeding her solid foods (the old doctor wanted me to wait til October...I was way too excited to follow those directions!) Bad news? Time for 3 shots and one oral vaccination.

Is there anything worse? I mean, yes, there is a lot worse. But holding your baby, getting her to smile and coo and then SHAZAM! 3 sticks in the leg and she crumbles into a million pieces. Ugh. Like my mama buddy Desiree, I wanted to promise my daughter a pony, but came up with, "You can have a bottle as soon as you get home". Yeah, lame. After the cute purple bandaids were applied, we were headed home and excited (well, one of us) to try rice cereal for dinner!  The verdict?  Hard to tell...

Yay! I like my new high chair and sitting all the way up here.
So, where's my bottle?
WHAT is this?
I'm good on this stuff, mama. I will go ahead and push it back out with my tongue like the doc said I would. Now, bottle, please?

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