Mama Monday: Once upon a child

Last week, I wanted to get Lulu some Summer swaddlers (you know I love them). We were eating lunch at a friend's house and she lives close to Once Upon a Child. I thought, hey, those things aren't cheap, let's give it a try. Well, no luck in the swaddler department. However...look at what we scored for her fall/winter wardrobe! 
You can't tell from photos, but these are in "mint" condition as my mama friend Amber says. I'll go ahead and give her credit for getting me hooked!
Before Larkyn was born we stopped in just to see what the place was all about. We got a little Polo dress and some crocs, but were a little overwhelmed. My friends, if you allow yourself an hour to really look through their clothes, you will find some steals. For $47, I got all of the above clothes. Many items had the original tags, and nothing cost more than $4.50 (that was the gray velour suit). Just out of curiosity, I looked up the going rates for some of these items...

Ralph Lauren long sleeve cotton dress ($3.00)= $39.50
Janie and Jack long sleeve floral tunic ($4.00)= $36
Carter's hooded velour zip up and pants ($4.50)= $30.00
So that's $105.50 (which I would neeeeeever pay) for $11.50

Where do you go or great baby deals?

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Schneider 4.0 said...

Sorry sweets. I can think of only 3 outfits that I've ever had to buy Audi Rose so far!!! Hand me downs are the best! I score some things at thrift stores but lately I've found that I can score NEW clothes for similar prices by shopping Kohl's with 30% off! Carters stores also have great sales and Al knows all the tricks with that store (i.e. certain days to go, etc.) And summer time is great because the kids are half naked anyway! No clothes needed! Ha! P.S. I hate this hot weather.

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