Mama Monday: the things she will say

In our 14th week, I have noticed that someone has discovered her voice. She has been imitating us, cooing and gurgling for several weeks now, but this is a little different. Listen...she is demanding and ordering around these poor butterflies and I picture her on a soapbox, talking about something quite passionately.

So, I wonder what interesting things she will have to tell me in the years to come. Some I am looking forward to...
  • Her first word, even if it is not "mama"
  • The first time she says "I love you"
  • "Reading" a story in her own words
  • Little made-up words like my niece calling Cracker Barrel "Rocker Barrel" in complete seriousness 
  • Telling me about her first day of school 
OK, now I went to far and my heart is racing thinking about her going off to school. Geez. OK, then there are some things I am not looking forward to...
  • "NO!"
  • I think every kid tells their parents "I hate you". I wrote it in a note to my mom when I was 5 or so because I was feeling sassy (not a common feeling for me!) and was mad about something. After a brief "discussion" with my dad, I never felt sassy again.
  • Tattling or "That's not fair". Since these words are a career hazard for me every day, I know it will drive me crazy to come home and hear it from her. 
  • "Why aren't you and daddy married?" or some version regarding this topic. Ohhh man.
What have your kids said that you treasure or dread?

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Schneider 4.0 said...

Wow, the list goes on for this one...I started a "Kids Quotes" book the moment Eli started talking. A few highlights are:

at the grocery: "Do we need some beer?"

ME: Eli, would you like some milk?
ELI: "Chocolate would be nice."

or the ever so bossy Eli...
"Go in the kitchen and make something!"

He's starting to talk more and more like an adult and it just has Linc and I rolling some days. Can't wait to hear what Larkyn has to say :)

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