Mama Monday: Why am I so excited?

So, I have a huge Ziplock bag in the basement. You know, the kind they show on commercials that could hold a Toyota Yaris or rhinoceros. However, mine is filled with things for "When Larkyn starts eating". Inside, you can find anything from a food mill to a variety of spoons. Here, I even felt the need to take a picture after my baby shower of all the "feeding supplies".
Last week, the pediatrician gave us the green light to start feeding solids, and we started with the rice cereal. I will paraphrase this week's experience by saying that Larkyn is not a fan. She fusses and spits it out, and does all the things the doctor told me she'd do. I know, she's being normal. It's me who is not normal. I was so excited to start feeding her real food! I mean, I love the bonding time we have with bottles, but I guess I selfishly take joy in preparing food for others and watching them enjoy it. After talking to friends, reading some books, and listening to the doctor, I went ahead and started REAL food. Because really, who wants to eat ground up rice with formula? She enjoyed Earth's Best Real Sweet Potatoes (100% organic) yesterday and today, and I can tell that the week of rice cereal helped her ease into the eating process. 

As soon as I can get the cojones to walk back into Babies R Us, I will buy the babyfood maker, but until then, this food gets great reviews and is cost-effective. So, the point of this posting? Sometimes there are things we do as moms that are kind of self-serving. She had no interest in eating solid foods...she probably would be happy with a bottle for as long as possible!  But, she is a good little compromiser and is giving me my fun little eating time once a day (and about 4 spoonfuls!) And, to be honest, almost everything I have read has suggested that most (safe) foods should be introduced by 6 months, each his own, right!?

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