Style Saturday: Back to school clothes!

One bonus of being a teacher is that I still get to go back to school shopping. That's right. I totally justify it because I AM going back to school, right?  And I still have 5 years until Larkyn starts kindergarten, so I am good. This year is a bit of a challenge, though. After a few exhilarating BTS shopping trips where I had lost weight, that is not the case this year. I have 15 pounds of baby weight left, so I can't just buy anything that looks good on the hanger. I have to be belly savvy, because that is where it is all hiding. In scouring the internet for ideas, I have gathered the trends I have noticed this season, trying to figure out which ones will work and which ones can be left for someone else to try.

1. Ridiculously flared pants- Have you seen them yet?  No more skinny jeans, which is OK with me. Though I loved my maternity "skinny jeans" (?), those worked because they had a giant elastic waistband.
2. Printed dresses- I love dresses. I haven't noticed a particular cut that is prominent, but as long as I am careful with the fall of the waistline, I will pick up one or two of these.
3. Plaid shirts, again- I like how these look on celebrities as they walk down the street with their Coffee Bean cups and fedoras. On me, I look like I should be on a roll of Bounty.

4. Boots- Yes, please!  The only drawback to boots is that all that material=more money. Oh well, I wore Old Navy $5 flip flops every day this summer. I deserve one delicious pair of boots. Gray, maybe?
5. Maxi dresses/skirts- I've been wanting to try them for 3 summers now. They are always too long for me. Are they appropriate for teachers? That's what I've been wondering...
 6. Dolman sleeves? Once I put one of these shirts into my Express "cart" I saw them everywhere! I just really liked the color of this one and the way it falls around the waist. It would be a conversation starter!
7. Embellished tops- Not so much items sewn on as embellishments, but using the fabric to make ruffles, flutter sleeves, or twists. LOVE how the ruffles will hide me!

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