TV Tuesday: Circus dance and eating rocks

So, I am in between vacations, which means I have watched a lot of TV this week. I finally caght up on SYTYCD and was not disappointed in Thursday night's group dance. Have you read Water for Elephants? I hate to say I was ahead of the game on this one, but I so was. I gleefully recommended this book to everyone I knew 3 years ago. It is one of my top 3 favorite books, and no I haven't seen the movie (it came out the day baby was born!) Anyway, this incredible dance is choreographed to "Setting up the Circus", from the soundtrack. It might be my favorite dance of the season.

Wish you could see it in HD. The costumes are sparkly and the makeup is fabulous!

OK, I always forget about the little gem called My Strange Addiction, on TLC. In episodes past, we have seen a woman who can't stop eating the foam out of couch cushions, a plastic-looking girl who is obsessed with tanning, and a woman who has carried around the same pillow with her everywhere since she was 11. Oh yeah, and a detergent-eater. Yes, these people exist and the 30 minute show will keep you fascinated and asking "Why?!" over and over. Well, last night topped them all.

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