Birthday Thursday: Happy 20 weeks!

What an exciting week! On Monday, when I have more pics, I will show you how Larkyn's meeting with her great grandma and grandpa (and aunties and cousin!) went. Since learning to roll from back to belly, she rolls all over the place now. No more "You lay right here on the rug while I go make your bottle"...I come back and she has rolled across the room!  This also means stomach sleeping, of course. Thanks to the Angelcare monitor, I only freaked out for a few minutes each of the first few nights she started sleeping like that.

I hate leaving her for the day, but it makes coming home to her twice as sweet! We are trying rice cereal again after many mama-friend conversations...we warm it, give it to her after a full bottle, and add a little bit of fruit (banana, pear, applesauce) to it. Now she loves it!  See?

And as summer is drawing to a close, we are trying to fit in as many summer outfits as we can before she outgrows them! She is getting too tall for so many things!

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