Birthday Thursday: Happy 22 weeks!

This awesome dress was part of an amazing stash I was blessed with from a friend's sister. Thank you Stephanie! It is from Gymboree and the bloomers are Ruffle Butts

There's my little ladybug!  I had her matching red shoes all laid out to debut, but she grew out of them too fast. The kid is destined for big feet like her mama. And she sure knows how to use them already, as you can see in her newest contraption, the Fisher Price Bumper Jumper. Since we live in a 900 sf house, the monstrous bouncers are not happening. We tried one, it was almost as big as the dining room table, and it went back to the store!  Anyway, that's her new gig, bouncing. Along with growing a first tooth (we think? But we have thought this before...) and eating homemade purees! She did well with the butternut squash and liked the sweet potato-banana so much that she shoved the spoon in her mouth herself.
More ruffle butts! We are big fans of their bloomers and legwarmers. They fit great, are adorable, and make diaper changes with my contortionist a cinch!

This weekend, she will go to her first Otterbein Homecoming to meet her extended Theta Nu family!
Mini Mod


Baby Making Mama said...

Haha!! My daughter has huge feet too (but fat) and mine are long like clown feet (size 11).

Where did you get that cute dress? Did I miss it? Hope you'll stop by today and add your cute fashionista to mini mod again! About to publish the post!

Aisha G of HartlynKids said...

I love ruffle butt bloomers and that gymboree dress looks familiar. I had that for my little one. New follower - found you on Baby Makin(g)

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