Birthday Thursday: Happy 24 weeks!

Everyone keeps saying, "Oh isn't this a fun age?" Yes! I love this stage of my roly-poly, smiley, toothless girl. As she was growing out of the teeny, newborn stage, I was thinking I would miss it. But, it gets even better!  She makes us laugh all day with her silly faces and her new look-at-me-I'm-fake-gagging noise. Yeah, its a little disturbing, but she thinks it is great.

She has been trying a few new foods. Peas, she hated. Mangoes and zucchini she loves! Interesting because I love peas, but am indifferent on the other two. But seriously, have you seen or smelled baby food peas? Gross.

Since tonight was conference night (hello, 12 hour workday), my mom brought her to work on my lunch hour. She loved seeing all the kids in the cafeteria and playing around in Ann's room while we ate. You can see that I am trying to winterize her wardrobe, but it seems like by 2 pm, it is about 20 degrees hotter than when I dressed her...
Boots from Gymboree, jeggings from Old Navy, onesie from Old Navy.

She greatly enjoys being the center of attention. Usually it is just the two of us for these "photo shoots". Today, she had an audience.
Out in front of our school. I promise it was cold this morning!

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Desiree said...

You two look ADORABLE!! I loooove baby jeggings! Sofia has a pair and I'm constantly putting her in them because she looks so freakin cute! :-)

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