Birthday Thursday: Happy 26 weeks!

Look how big she has gotten all of a sudden!

This week has brought us some fun new events like spontaneously sitting up in the bathtub and me worrying the whole time about her face-planting into the water or faucet. She is teething hardcore, and actually just finished a crying outburst that was the hardest I have heard her cry since she was BORN. I'm not exaggerating. But, let me say that Orajel Natural is the bomb. I might have already said that.

We are eating 2 meals per day and finding that (like her mama) she is definitely a fan of fruits over veggies. Come to think of it, she hasn't really accepted a green vegetable, other than zucchini that is mixed in with fruit or squash. She had a not-so-pretty reaction to plums, so it'll be a while before we attempt those again!
Watching Zoe on the couch

She loves bouncing on anything and has really gotten LOUD about it. It is funny and cute until you are trying to have a conversation or watch something on TV and then the squeal/gag noise she makes is a little unpleasant.

Here is sassy-pants now, taking the envelope I used for the pictures...

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