Birthday Thursday: Happy 6 months!

Flashing her diaper as she is scooching down

My big girl!
How can this be?!  She is half a year old already?  It seems like she has always been here, but at the same time, it feels like we were just leaving for the hospital at 2 AM on 4/21/11. A lot has happened this week. First, breaking news on the tooth front:  she is teething for real now. 2 months ago I could see little white specks and she was drooling a lot, but now they are actually breaking through and she is showing all those fabulous signs of teething. I wonder what she will look like with teeth? We will find out soon.

She seems to have grown overnight...look at how she almost takes up the whole chair!  We have been trying the straw sippy cup recommended by my school's speech therapist (I put that disclaimer on because you might think I'm crazy for trying it). She is using it, but obviously prefers her bottle.

Nana took her to the grocery store today and she sat up in the cart, which is music to my ears! I am in NO hurry for her to grow up, but it is exciting to know that I don't have to hassle with a carrier, stroller, or carseat to go get groceries.

In those informative, yet pesky emails I get every week from baby websites, they mention crawling, turning things upside down and beginning talking...that is not happening, nor am I worried about it. We are starting signing a few words, which I will write about when she starts using the signs. Thanks to Jill, I have a good understanding of the words that are most helpful. 

I am getting better at the working-mom thing but with lots of support. If I didn't have Matt, mom, or Miss C, all the balls I have in the air would drop and you'd find me in bed with the covers over my head.

As a parting thought, here is a look at our "hyper time" right before bed. Does this count as purposeful moving...backwards and on her back?? Also, she pants now. Ha!

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Baby Making Mama said...

Oh my goodness! Happy 6 months to your baby!! So sweet! It's so exciting when they learn to sit up and every new stage! aaah.

Oh and I love that owl dress! Too stinkin cute!

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